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Debian 9.1 LiveCD KDE


Debian 9.1 LiveCD KDE | 3.24 GB


This build is based on Debian Stretch, kernel 4.9.0-3-amd64. Desktop Environment – KDE Plasma 5. Includes many necessary software for use in Live mode.

The system can be installed on a disk. Drivers for the equipment are left by default, additional drivers can be installed, both in ONLINE and OFFLINE modes. This assembly was built taking into account the subsequent update, so as not to reinstall the whole system. The previous version (0831) does not include tools for updating the assembly.

In this update, the system works fine with systemd, now you do not need to delete live-config packages after the installation (if the system was installed on several partitions).

Issue Year: 2017
Version: 0924
Developer: Wizard
System requirements:
CPU – 2-core amd64
RAM – from 4096 Mb
HDD – from 25 Gb
Architecture: amd64
Tabletka: not required
Language: English + Russian

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