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Download MP3 Trick Or Treat Halloween Song

Trick Or Treat Halloween Song

Download MP3 Trick Or Treat Halloween Song Mp3 / Video dengan durasi 01:50 ukuran file 1.83 MB oleh Bright Little Ones audio stereo bitrate 192Kbps dan 320Kbps di situs ini bisa anda dapatkan secara gratis, Tapi jangan lupa Bahwa semua lagu yang ada di situs ini semata mata hanyalah bertujuan untuk untuk review serta mempromosikan lagu Trick Or Treat Halloween Song, Untuk Mendapatkan Kualitas terbaik Lagu Ini Silahkan Membeli kaset / Vcd Original di Toko Toko Terdekat Di Kota Anda serta Menadikan Lagu dengan judul Trick Or Treat Halloween Song sebagi I-Ring / Ringtones / Nada Sambung Pribadi Di Ponsel Anda Sebagai Bentuk Penghargaan kita kepada Artis Yang bersangkutan.

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Title:Trick Or Treat Halloween Song
Size:1.83 MB
Author:Bright Little Ones

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The Trick or Treat Song is great for first time trick-or-treaters. Your child will love to sing along! This song encourages children to have fun, listen to their parents, and not to eat too much candy.

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Trick or treating is a fun time of year
Getting candy and sometimes a little fear
But don’t be afraid ‘cause we’re here with you
Keeping the scaries at bay yelling, "Boooooooooo!"

There’s princess and cowboys and monsters, too
All come out to play wanting candy and witches brew

At Halloween you dress up to be anything you want
From a bear, to a fox, or even the state of Vermont
Going out to have lots of fun
Getting a bunch of candy weighing a ton

And even though candy is yummy
Don’t eat too much or you’ll feel sick in your tummy

Listen to your parents – hold their hands when crossing the street
And most importantly, don’t forget to say Trick or Treat!

Don’t forget to say Trick or Treat!

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Trick or Treat Halloween Song

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